UNE LIB qui envoie du GROS ?
Contributed libraries are developed, documented, and maintained by members of the Processing community.

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Body Navigation
by Jonas Jongejan and Ole Kristensen for Recoil Performance Group

Infrared motion tracking and floor projection installation for a Danish Dance Theatre production with choreographer Tina Tarpgaard.

Links: Ole Kristensen, HalfdanJ, Recoil Performance Group

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News Knitter
by Ebru Kurbak & Mahir M. Yavuz

Visualization of news feeds as knitted garments.

Links: Mahir M. Yavuz

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by Peter Cho

A collection of reactive one-word poem landscapes.


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by David Muth

A generative video piece with music by Hiaz.


Generative, parameterized images and sound.


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Volume of Emptiness
by John Houck

Volume of Emptiness is an installation that continually unfolds architectural spaces. Virtual volumes are created by a field of motors in the ceiling that each have a number of threads attached to them.


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