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Agence Powerpoint Site riche des Tuto & du Fond

Update : 15-08-2010
(gras = Site en francais)

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Université Tangente (Fr) :
Bureau d’études :

Site en anglais que je recommande


Ressouce site listed by / Liste de ressources par

armina ghazaryan thesis. infographic & data visualisation
aduna. semantic web techonology [rss]
autograph. self organisation & display graph [rss]
cartographie-semantique [rss]
chart porn
common craft
communication nation [rss]
cool infographics
creative mapping
data visualization [rss]
densitydesign | communication design & complexity [rss]
design evolution [rss]
design label [rss]
designing the news [rss]
digital roam | the back of the napkin
eager eyes
e maps [rss]
envisioning  a path to the future
fantasy  cartography [rss]
flowing data. strength in numbers
functioning form. context. consistency. clarity. control
gaping void
information about information [rss]
infographics news
information aesthetics [rss]
information architects
information visualization
info vis wiki [rss]
j m heer. human-computer interaction. visualization. social computing
john caswell [rss]
jorge camoes. charts. when tufte meets excel [rss]
kartOO blog [rss]
kjb 2.0
knowledge representation [rss]
knowledge  visualization [rss
lawerence lessig 2.0. code. creativity
logic+emotion [rss]
machine thinking [rss]
mental maps
masterplan. simple truths. good decisions
mentegrafica. infovis solutions [rss]
mind mapping everywhere [rss]
mind mapping software [rss
neocogit. mistakes & explorer of complexity
neoformix. patterns in data [rss]
nixlog | infographics [rss]
poet painter [rss]
pétillant. expert mind mapping [rss]
sankey diagrams
serial mapper
simple complexity [rss]
social computing [rss]
stamen design
strange maps
subjective collective cartography [rss]
the high contrast [rss]
the map room [rss]
think. draw. make [rss]
thoughts illustrated
twine. knowledge visualization artefacts [rss]
visual business intelligence [rss]
visual complexity
visual design & analysis [rss]
visual e [rss]
visual evasion. brilliant graphics
visual gadgets
visual history research [rss]
visual intelligence. visual ergonomics
visual mapping
visual methods. information visualization design
visual think media [rss]
visual think scape [rss]
wandering stan [rss]
webilus [rss]
well formed data
you swim. you see what i mean

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