Big Data Visualization : TOP 20 Best Tools

By Edoardo L’Astorina

Big Data is amazing. It describes our everyday behavior, keeps track of the places we go, stores what we like to do and how much time we spend doing our favorite activities.

Big Data is made of numbers, and I think we all agree when we say:
Numbers are difficult to look at.
Enter Big Data visualization.

GoogleFacebookAmazonApple, Twitter and Netflix all ask better questions of their data – and make better business decisions – by using data visualization.

It gets better:

Data visualization lets you interact with data. It goes beyond analysis. Visualization brings a presentation to life. It keeps your audience’s eyes on the screen. And gets people interested.

You might be wondering:

How do I get a clean and engaging visualization for all my data? Will it be time consuming? Am I going to spend months preparing everything?

Reviews of our 20 best tools for Big Data visualization.


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