TEDxZurich : Understanding Who controls the world?

To answer the question, “Who controls the world?” the study looked at ownership networks, breaking it down to nodes (such as firms, people, governments, foundations), links (the percentage of ownership) and value. Overall, the study looked at:

  • 13 million ownership relations
  • 43,000 transnational corporations
  • 600,000 nodes
  • 1 million links

At the top of this post is a 3D rendering of all the connections in this study. The dots represent the transnational corporations, nodes and links. Any section of it looks something like this.


As Glattfelder explains, in this ecosystem of transnational corporations, there is a periphery and there is a center — a connected network that contains about 75% of all the players. Nestled in this center is what the study calls the core. This core contains 1,300 highly connected nodes. While only 36% of transnational corporations are in this core, they make up 95% of the value of the entire network. This image will help to illustrate the core.via Who controls the world? More resources for understanding.

Source : http://blog.ted.com/2013/02/13/who-controls-the-world-resources-for-understanding-this-visualization-of-the-global-economy/

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