40 data science techniques

The 40 data science techniques Linear Regression  Logistic Regression  Jackknife Regression * Density Estimation  Confidence Interval  Test of Hypotheses  Pattern Recognition  Clustering – (aka Unsupervised Learning) Supervised Learning  Time Series  Decision Trees  Random Numbers  Monte-Carlo Simulation  Bayesian Statistics  Naive Bayes  Principal Component Analysis – (PCA) Ensembles  Neural Networks  Support Vector Machine – (SVM) Nearest Neighbors – (k-NN) Feature Selection – (aka…

BigDATA Landscape 2016 Infography by @Mattturk : big data / analytics / data science / deep learning / BI ecosystem

big data / #analytics / data science / deep learning / BI ecosystem. Created by @Mattturk, @Jimrhao and @firstmarkcap. This infographics features the following components: Infrastructure Analytics Applications Cross-Infrastructure/Analytics Open Source Data Sources & APIs