28 outils de visualisation de données par O’Reilly

Ajax.org Ajax.org Platform is a pure javascript application framework for creating real-time collaborative applications that run in the browser. AnyChart AnyChart is a flexible Flash based solution that allows you to create interactive and great looking flash charts. Axiis Axiis is a Data Visualization Framework for Flex. It has been designed to be a concise,…

Visualisation Patents Trends

Visualisation, Tendances Dépôt brevet * http://ip.typologies.org/ Visualiser par semaine et chronologiquement les dépots de brevets * http://sourceforge.net/projects/patentnet/ via http://business-commando.com ** http://www.patentcluster.com/ fonction visualise cluster US, US.Apps, Canada, Brazil, Europe, UK France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Australia China, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, patent, pi, monitoring, watch, CI,